Friday, August 17, 2018

Back to School Activities

If you're already teaching this year, welcome back! If not, I hope you enjoy your last few days/weeks of summer vacation.

I know in those first few days back to school, you need some activities that the students can complete with little to no instruction. Something that is review so they can be confident in what they are doing.

For my first grade students, I often used a roll and cover activity during the first week of school. It requires little instruction and all they have to do is count the dots on the dice.

You can use 1 die, 2 dice, or 3 dice to add a little differentiation. You can also use the black and white version of the handouts so students can color their answers instead of covering them. I used small erasers to cover the numbers, but you could use anything you have in your classroom, including Unifix cubes, yellow and red counters, transparent counters, beans, etc.

If you are interested in trying this Back to School Roll and Cover, you can find it here.

Another idea that can be used with kindergarten or first grade students is counting bears strips. These strips are easy to prep and all you need to do is add the bears! They work on counting and patterning skills.

Many different patterns are included and all you have to do is print, laminate (optional), and cut them out. They are ready to go! I also included black and white versions so students are able to create their own pattern that goes with the description in the bottom of the strip (AB, ABC, etc.).

If you are interested in trying these Counting Bears Strips, you can find it here.

This final Back to School activity is better suited for second, third, or fourth graders. The activity is mystery pictures that practice addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts. The key is that you should already know your math facts pretty well in order to do these. So definitely not a first week activity for first graders, but they can do it soon enough.

These can be used as fast finishers, morning work, homework, math centers, etc. The possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in trying these Back to School Mystery Pictures, you can click on each one to be taken to my store.

I hope these resources help you in the first few days/weeks of school!

Have a great year!

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