Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Spelling Baseball

Today I want to share a game with you that I haven't tried yet in my classroom, but that I used to play when I was in grade school. It's a game that can be used with any subject really, but I am going to share how I will use it for spelling.

This year my students will play Spelling Baseball!

The first thing you need to do is set up your classroom to resemble a baseball diamond.

You can use the bases that are included in the freebie. I would print them out on cardstock and place them around the room.

Another option would be to pick up these bases from the Dollar Tree. The set includes home plate, first, second, and third base, as well as a pitching rubber. I don't use the pitching rubber for this game.

My plan is to place these bases around the room, with home plate in the front of the classroom.

Now onto the game. The students come up to home plate and they get to choose which type of 'hit' they would like: single, double, triple, or home run. The type of word that they spell will correspond with the following picture.

Each week we study a specific spelling skill, like short a, color words, long e, etc.

1. If the student chooses a single, they will get to spell a word from the current week's spelling unit.

2. If the student chooses a double, they will get to spell a challenge word from the current spelling unit. (Our spelling curriculum includes challenge words in the chapter each week, but you could easily create your own. For example, if the spelling skill was short a and the words were pan, can, man, bat, etc. a challenge word could be cabin or fancy.)

3. If the student chooses a triple, they will get to spell a word from next week's unit. For example, if this week is short a words and next week is short e, they will get to spell a word from the short e unit.

4. If the student chooses a home run, they will get to spell a word from the dictionary. I love when my students spell words from the dictionary. Whenever I open the dictionary to find a new word, they remember the words from the last time we played a game. They learn so many new words this way.

And that's about it! The students move around the bases and score like an actual baseball game.

I think this game is great because it is so easily differentiated and all students can be successful, no matter which level of spelling they are at. I know we will be playing this a lot in my classroom this year!

This product is a forever freebie in my store and you can grab it here!

Now I'm going to work on making a Spelling Basketball game!! (This was also found at Dollar Tree!)

How do you differentiate spelling in your classroom?