Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge #2: Dare to Dream!

I am very excited to link up again for the #TPTSellerChallenge! It is now Week 2: Dare to Dream. This week I am challenged to blog about my great hopes, desires, and dreams for my TPT/blog business.

So here they are: my hopes and dreams!

1. Ever since my husband and I moved away from Illinois, we are always looking for ways to visit home. TPT has provided us with extra money for plane tickets to go home. Not only that, but we have been able to take small mini-vacations on the weekends as well.

2. One of my goals is to stay at home with my future children. My TPT business will definitely help with this dream of mine. It will be nice to earn a little extra on the side, even though I won't be in the classroom teaching.

3. It is also a dream of ours to move into a house within the next few years, and growing my TPT business has a lot to do with that dream as well.

4. I also plan to improve my business. When I first started this journey, I felt like I wasn't making anything because I was buying the Premium Seller account on TPT, paying for blogging school, and purchasing clip art. Now, I want to spend a little bit of money to upgrade my blog. At first, it was very difficult to spend that money because it was going into the unknown. I didn't know if my store would take off, or what the results would be. Now that I have been a Premium Seller for over a year, I believe that the initial investment is so worth it. I only wish I would have done it sooner! Now I plan to buy more clip art and a new blog design to keep improving my business. The more I do these things, the more I can feel my creative juices flowing with new ideas!

What a great topic for the second week of the TPT Seller Challenge! Hopefully it will kickstart me into blogging more {after all, that was my New Year's Resolution! Ha!}.

Thank you again to these ladies for hosting such a great link up:



  1. I loved reading about your dreams, thank you for sharing them. I too want to invest in my blog a bit more time and money wise lol!

    1. Getting a new blog design was so worth it! Now I need to invest the time into it! Good luck with yours!

  2. The premium membership is so worth it! Good luck on your dreams!
    Sweet Deals

  3. I still have to write up my post but I'm pretty sure my goals will look very similar to yours! Also, I read your thinking of re-doing your blog? I just had mine re-done and I love it! You might want to check out my post from today because I'm hosting a Custom Blog Design Giveaway that might be interested in. Thanks for sharing your goals!

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

    1. Thanks for the idea! I did check it out, but I had already put down a deposit with another designer! Thanks!

  4. I'm so late to the party! Thanks for sharing your dreams. They sound so close to mine. Good Luck on your future endeavors!