Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Dollar Tree Finds

I finally made it out to the Dollar Tree (it's not far from where I live, but with summer and all, I get very laaaaazy). Anyways, I knew that I wanted to scope out what they had for back to school. And I always prepare myself to spend some money. It's for the kids, right? Right. So I went in and walked right past the baskets. I thought, there is no way I'll be buying so much that I'll be needing one of those. WRONG. I started out small, with the new tubs and containers. But then, I went down the teaching aisle and I honestly think there is something new there every time I go! So here is everything I bought and my plans for how I will use said items.

So I started with some small orange tubs. I already have some round blue ones (my classroom theme is orange, blue, and gray). I don't have a plan for these yet, but they will most likely be used to hold small items for centers.

Speaking of centers, I found these adorable school erasers! I thought they would be great to use with my back to school roll and cover packet.

 Then, I saw these small dry erase boards. I love that I can get 4 of them for $1! Great price!

Now, I'm not sure if these letters are magnetic or not, but it doesn't really matter. My plans are to use them in a sensory bin with rice. The students can find the letters and give the name or the sound of the letter. I can also put them in a small tub for students to spell sight words. If they are magnetic, I would put them in a word work center with my magnetic whiteboard so students can make words.

Another great item for a sensory bin is these foam numbers. Again, students can search for them in the rice bin and then put the puzzle together. I already have an alphabet foam puzzle (also from the Dollar Tree) that will serve a similar purpose.

I always love finding cute games. The first game is for number matching and the second is for matching shapes and colors, both of which I'll need next year in preschool.

This is a chair cover! I thought this was adorable and a great way to celebrate a student's birthday!

These pom poms will also serve a special purpose in a center.

I saw a couple of fun activities that I thought would be great for reinforcing color recognition skills as well as fine motor skills.

Egg carton colour sorting trays

All of these are on my summer to-do list!

Did you find anything interesting at a dollar store near you? Please share in the comments below!


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