Friday, April 3, 2015

April Currently

Well, here it is, my favorite month! April! I love April for many reasons, including my birthday, Easter, springtime, and almost the end of the school year! With all of this excitement going on, I am a few days late in linking up my Currently post. But I wouldn't miss it, so here it is!

Listening: Yes, I am at home today working on many chores, including cleaning and organizing a few things.

Loving: Easter weekend is one of my favorites. We got out of school Thursday at noon and don't go back until Tuesday. Plus, we just had spring break a two weeks ago, so it's a nice refresher.

Thinking: If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed that our caterpillars arrived last Friday. When I left yesterday, one of the caterpillars was already in its chrysalis! So next week, we will be reading fiction and nonfiction books about butterflies. I hope to write a separate blog post for the different activities that we do.

Wanting: Both my husband and I have our birthdays within a week of each other. So, with this year being our first year of marriage, I decided to make only one large cake that we could share. Trust me, with it only being the two of us, it's a LOT of cake! But I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Only the best!

Needing: I recently started reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner. So far, it is a little strange and hard to get into. I just know that I need some time to sit down and read! Hopefully with the extended weekend, I will be able to find some time!

Eggs-plain your name: I knew when I created my blog/TPT name I wanted to include something with ducks, which are my favorite animal. I also knew that I wanted to create products that were for all subject areas and that could be differentiated for various levels. I was searching for different 'duck' words and I came across "dabbling." Dabbling is what ducks do when they put their bill into the water and try to get food. I thought this term was great because another definition of "dabbling" is to kind of play with something and try it out. With these two meanings of dabbling, I knew that it was the perfect word for my title. Add in a picture of a duck, and my name and logo were born!

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Have a great weekend!