Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale!

As many of you know, there is a Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale starting tomorrow! You can save up to 28% on items on TPT. I will be putting my entire store 20% off for the next two days. Also, if you enter the code TPTCYBER at checkout, you can get an extra 10% off!! I decided to link up with Ideas By Jivey and share what are the most wish-listed items in my store and what I plan to buy as well! Here we go!

The item that has been added to wishlists the most is my Mystery Picture Bundle!

I also have a Mystery Picture Christmas Edition!

Click on the pictures to add them to YOUR wishlist!

Another item that has been added to a lot of wishlists is my ABC Book. It's perfect for preschool and Kindergarten students. There are many different versions included, as well as both black and white.

Click on the picture to add it to YOUR wishlist!

I only have a few items on my list for this sale, but I still love a good deal when I see one!

The main product that I will be snatching up is Kourtney Payton's Map Skills & Landforms Unit. My students will be starting this unit this week, so purchasing this product comes at the perfect time!

Map Skills & Landforms Unit

Have a great start to the week and happy sales!



  1. My students always LOVE mystery pictures! Can't wait to check those out!

    Adventures of a Schoolmarm

  2. My students love them too! I love hearing what they think each one is.