Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently!

Where did the summer go?! Suffice it to say I did not get anything accomplished that I wanted to over the summer as far as work goes. I wanted to spend a lot of time creating TPT products. Now I did make a few things, but not as much as I would have liked. I also joined many giveaways, which helped build my store and Facebook following, so I'm not complaining there. I guess I was at least successful in getting my store name out there.

And now, it's back to school again. I'm starting in a new school and a new grade this year so I definitely have a lot of planning to do. I am feeling nervous about all that needs to get done in the 10 days that I have before the kids come. Yikes!

Anyways, despite all of the planning and decorating that is going on in my head, I always have time for a linky party. I am linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for the August Currently.

And here it is!

Listening - There really isn't much to listen to when you are just sitting at home working. So a little white noise is always nice too.

Loving - I recently moved into a new apartment and it is so much nicer and bigger than the one I had before!

Thinking - As I mentioned above I only have 10 days left to work on my classroom and I have a lot of resources that I want to print and laminate and cut and hang up. Phew!

Wanting - Summer went by way too fast. I had a relatively short summer this year. I ended school in the first week of June and am starting now mid-August, which is the shortest amount of summer I have ever had. I'm excited to go back, but would love a little more time to myself first.

Needing - I have SO MUCH to do in my classroom. Enough said.

Also, this year is the most amount of professional development that I will have prior to school starting. In my old position, we only had one teacher work day before school started. Now I have 5. It will be nice though to learn all the ins and outs of my new school.

How was your summer? Too fast? Too slow? Just right?

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  1. I need lots of time in my classroom, too! I'm changing schools and grades. I'm going from middle school to first grade! Yay me :)

    Teachin' Cutie Patooties

  2. Hey! I found you through Farley's link up. Isn't it nice having a new apartment? I just moved into a new one too and minus the not so fun part of actually moving - I love it! Hope you enjoy your last bit of summer!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

    1. Haha I just commented on your post! New apartments are awesome!

  3. I, too, have been creating things for my classroom and posting them on TPT. I only have 36 followers for my TpT store and 80 some for Facebook. How did you join a few giveaways this summer? I have great products but not great marketing!

    Life in the First Grade

    1. I joined the giveaways through the TPT forums. Within the forums I entered "giveaway donations" in the search box. From there you can see if there are any sellers that are having giveaways that you can donate to. They usually have a google doc that you can use to fill out your store information and the product you want to donate. They will email you with the details when the giveaway will start. Then you can post about it on your Facebook page during the giveaway. Sometimes I have gained around 15 TPT followers from one giveaway! They really help! Good luck!

  4. I love reading the Currently posts. I have found a running theme this month - people wanting more time before they go back. We all want that don't we? I know I had plans to do so much as well, but those plans did not follow through as I had hoped.

    Congratulations on your new move and school.