Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday!

So many wonderful linkies happening today! I just had to join another one. This will be my first Book Talk Tuesday.

I found the perfect book for this linky as I was stocking up on books at my local Half Price Books the other day. I came across Joe Cinders which is a version of Cinderella that takes place in the Wild West.

This book is all about Joe Cinders and his three stepbrothers. His stepbrothers spend all day relaxing while Joe works all day completing the chores. Then one day, they receive a letter. They are all invited to Miss Rosalinda's fiesta!

Of course, just like in Cinderella, Joe is not allowed to go. He must stay home and work all day. After he finishes his work and after his three stepbrothers have left for the fiesta, a strange man appears.

He changed Joe's clothes into a beautiful new outfit and gave him a bright red truck to drive to the fiesta.

 So off to the fiesta goes Joe and let's just say he saves the day and Rosalinda is impressed. So Joe dances the night away. But at midnight, his red boot is left behind.

 Rosalinda heads out to find the owner of the boot and it just so happened that Joe fell off his horse and his foot fell right into the boot!

Rosalinda and Joe are so happy that they decide to get married. And the wicked stepbrothers now have to do all of the chores.

I thought this was such an adorable book and a great book to compare to Cinderella. So........I created a quick activity to do just that!

In this packet, you can compare the characters and settings of Cinderella and Joe Cinders. You can also define some of the Spanish vocabulary used in the book. Finally, you can write out the beginning, middle, and end of the story!

Head on over to my store to grab this packet HERE. And it's on sale through the rest of today!



  1. I NEED this book! My favorite reading unit is when we do fairy tales and compare/contrast a ton of versions of Cinderella. The ONLY "boy" friendly version I have right now is Prince Cinders... I'm going to have to find myself a copy of Joe Cinders before we get to our fairy tale unit next year!!!

    1. It is SO adorable! And like I said, I found mine at Half Price Books for $9 (hardcover)! It was well worth the money and I would highly recommend it!

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